Saturday, December 26, 2009

DIY for the Holidays

Hanukkah and Christmas 2009 have come and gone.  But it's still not too late to get craftsy for the holidays, especially with Kuumba, Kwanzaa's day of creativity, fast approaching.  And we're not talking scarf-knitting/cookie-baking either.  In the spirit of this blog we present a couple of do-it-yourself, technology-art, gift giving ideas.

LittleBits by Ayah Bdeir allows you to create complex electronic structures with little engineering knowledge.

Not much of a hardware person?  Arcs 21 by Lia is one of many apps available which provides tools to create visual (or sound) art right on the iPhone/Pod.

So have fun, be creative, send to printer (There's an app for that!) and give to friends and family.

Happy Holidays!  Beyond the Silicon will be back in 2010.


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